September Update

Performance, controls and bugfixes.


  • Frogs are now more “bouncy” while hanging on the tongue. They lose less energy, controls feel more energetic.
  • Introduced Hold to Stay Attacked option. When enabled - the tongue releases together with a key. It reduces the number of key-presses during fast motion.

Race Mode

  • Added Turn Time option makes it possible to race on huge maps with alternating short turns.


  • Collision maps are now generated offline for bundled levels. This improves startup times, especially on slower machines.
  • Most maps are now quantized using an 8-bit palette color format leading to faster download times.
  • Downloads are cached in IndexedDB (in the browser) making subsequent loads even faster.
  • Added Fast Map Filtering option improving graphics performance for big maps on older GPUs.


  • Fixed bug when tongue reshooting will occasionally happen in the same direction.
  • Fixed sliding preventing bounce.
  • Jump backward works again (double-enter).
  • Maximize button was not working in Safari.
  • Fixed pixelated frog rendering on mobile devices. Overall the game is not playable there yet due to missing touch controls.