July Update

Following changes went online in July:

Gameplay and Visuals

Weapon damage, explosion, and blast radiuses were tweaked.

Golf Club

A new weapon was added into the game: the Golf Club.

It is a melee weapon that allows for long throws as well as precise strength control.


Eye Animation

Frogs will track the closest danger with their eyes such as a projectile or a pet.



Two new maps were added:




It is now possible to join and watch a game after it was launched. This is achieved by replaying series of deterministic inputs.


A lot of work this month went into the lobby:

  • There is a chat and a user list with country flags,
  • The list of online matches now shows details such as map preview, game mode, and joined users.

/posts/20200731-july-update/chat_and_lobby_flags.png /posts/20200731-july-update/match_details.png

Map Previews

When selecting a map one can see its preview:



The game is now localized in three languages: English, Russian, and Spanish.



  • Game not connecting when being launched in the background tab;
  • Jerky water motion;
  • Boxing gloves not being reset at the end of the turn;
  • Retreat time ending right after Hare detonation;
  • Network buffering causing accelerated playback of the second turn on the same client;
  • Disabled browser context menu often opening by accident;
  • Hare getting stuck and doing annoying sounds;
  • Added hare outline so it is better visible on a light background.